A day at sea

Written by desantiemma

While we were in Bahamas we went on a tour at sea to see islands and animals on them. We were on a boat with other people and made friends.


We first went to find conchs but the captain and the mate took a while to find them. The shells were big and pink and inside there was a sea creature and some small fish. They needed to find 5 shells, so they could make us  a conch salad .

Once we found the conchs we went on a little island to see turtles. We loved that the turtle was swimming free. A man took the conch out of the shell to feed the turtle, some of the people fed it too! After cooling down at the turtle island, we went to see the pigs!

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Pig island is a small island where only pigs live. They were huge, the babies were small but the adults were so very very BIG! We had bread to feed them when they swam to us. If you didn't have any food you would just put your hands up.  

The pigs could swim and they had names, for example Pebbles, Pepper, Shirley, Jay z and Dumpling, who was the biggest pig. There was also a chicken ? named Captain Hook. After watching the pigs fall asleep we left and went to swim with the nurse Sharks.

The nurse Sharks live on Compass Cay but these are not sharks that will eat you ?, they don’t bite but they will if you put your hands in their mouths! We had the chance to swim with them and touch them, they love massages! Their skin was tough like reptiles skin.  

When we were finished swimming with the sharks we went into the middle of the ocean... Da Da Da ??? .......but actually the water wasn’t deep at all! We were on a sand bar. A sand bar is a very very very very very small beach in the middle of the ocean.While we were there we finally ate the conch salad. We also found some cool shells.

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The next place we went to was a cave/grotto. I didn’t go inside because the current was strong, however when my brother came out he said that I could’ve done it too.

Our last stop of the day was an island with Iguanas. There were a lot of them on the island! We fed them lettuce, they run pretty fast too! there skin felt like sharks skin.

I loved today it was so much fun seeing all the animals and islands. I loved swimming with the all of them and feeding them.