Written by viviana_lovexx

today is Saturday and I love the weekends there so fun and are just great, but because there's now the virus ? well the things you can do are limited like going outside, being around other people, staying in your houses ( very boring) so yeah but I can still do something right? This is the time to use chit chat 4 kids  because when it's back and everything is back to normal you won't want  to even be near this website so that's why I'm writing a blog.

anyway this morning started off fine really expect I woke up at 6 six who wakes up at six and I got my phone and started texting people and they texted back who texted at 6.Breakfast was amazing I had french toast and huge strawberries ? really big junky ones then it was bicycle time we went to this place around my house which was a bit creepy because it had a cemetery and I do not like that at all so yeah, after we went to my aunts house it wasn't far so we went with my bicycle, when we got there didint do anything except play with their cutest little dog ? and that's the morning to know more check it out later

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