The copied day

Written by desanticosimo

Today we are in Madrid,Spain and it is Sunday we did a lot of things like yesterday in the beginning of the day we stayed in til 12:00.Then we went to a market outside it was big they sold a lot of stuff like jackets,key chains,statues of ladies,and jewelry.After that we wondered off to a church.


At this church we saw ,an organ ,a statue of Jesus,and glass paintings.We looked around the church I was sorta okay with it I think Emma  was our mom was taking pictures like always our dad was watching Luca my little brother and our grandparents were taking  pictures in every corner.It was nice but then the staff there told us to leave beacause the priests were going to pay hang on they actually were going to play wait that is wrong pray that is what they were going to do.

Next we went to lunch we had a spainish restaront with rice and other stuff me and Emma got pasta our parents and grandparents just got apitizers.After we were almost finished me and Emma did a photo shoot.

Then we were going to a Egyptian temple but we found a playground on the way and played for a while?.Finially we got up and there was a line of people to see the outside of the temple.We found people in a circle singing and playing instruments me ,Emma,and Luca played this game where we were to blindfolded and had to catch each other.Well that’s it for today.